Mesh and Banners are our specialty, with the largest Grand Format Printer on the Central Coast, and one of the largest in NSW, we can take care of your outdoor signage needs.

Mesh banners are perfect for construction sites and partitions for sporting grounds and at large events. They can act to hide any redevelopment going on, they can increase privacy, or they can be a great way to enhance the atmosphere at events where there is high pedestrian traffic flow. ,

Applied as fence wraps or building wraps, mesh banners are resistant to tearing and ideal for scaffolding and HIGH WIND AREAS, so not only do they do a great job of advertising at such large sizes, they are more stable and more suitable to higher deployment than banners as the wind goes straight through.

We can digitally print mesh and have it welded or sewn to any size. You can have your event information or sponsor advertisements on crowd control fences so your event will stand out to all attendees.

Mesh banners have webbing applied around all edges and for erection can be eyeleted or have a Kedar or 'Sailtrack' applied for easy installation.

Building wraps can be done with large banners but the impact is often greater with mesh due to the blending effect of the material, where the surface texture of the building.